the Trucks

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The Trucks are four females who will make you want to dance. The sound is Electro-pop meets northwest indie rock and it’s all dressed-up in fishnets, wigs, and colored tights. Fortunately, it isn’t all about stage flash and good looks. Behind each song’s fun, sexy, and boisterous exterior are smart, sassy lyrics that hold up to repeated listening. The Trucks are: Kristin Allen-Zito (vox, keys & guitar), Marissa Moore (vox, xylophone & keys), Faith Reichel (bass & vox) and Lindy McIntyre (drums).

The finale is at hand. The Trucks have declared they will play no more shows after November 8th 2008.  :(    They will be missed!  However - the good news is that there are new songs and new recordings finally coming out. The first two new recordings to be released (Louisiana & Mute) will be featured on the new EP "Never Forever" which is being released in conjunction with the final shows. Following this (hopefully not too long after) will be a collection of more new songs - stay tuned....

The Trucks Discography

  • The Trucks - Never Forever

    The Trucks

    Never Forever

  • The Trucks - The Trucks

    The Trucks

    The Trucks

  • The Trucks - Titties Remix EP

    The Trucks

    Titties Remix EP

The Trucks Tour Dates / Shows

  • Seattle, WA
    Saturday, Oct 11
    Chop Suey
    w/ A Gun That Shoots Knives
  • Portland, OR
    Friday, Nov 7
    Siren Music Festival
    Wonder Ballroom
    128 NE Russell
    w/Tahoe Jackson, The New Bloods,
    Lisa Papineau, and Northern State
  • Bellingham WA
    Saturday, Nov 8, 8pm
    The Nightlight Lounge
    "Never Forever" Trucks Farewell Show with Sugar Sugar Sugar
    + special guests tba
  • Bellingham WA
    Saturday, Jul 18, 9pm - 21+
    The Nighlight Lounge
    Gunther & Donkie Memorial show at The Nightlight Lounge. Performers include : The Trucks, The Daffodils (prev. Language Arts), A Gun That Shoots Knives, and much more.... (The music starts at 9:30 sharp with The Trucks - so if you are late and miss 'em - don't come crying to us!)