Rooftops craft intricate, mathy pop rock with dense counterpoint and sparse vocals. The band's tapped notes, and complex, cross-accentuated rhythms are balanced by emotive melodies and moments of delicate beauty. If you need a comparison, imagine the complex power of Don Caballero or Battles, but with the emotional tug of Explosions In The Sky or Mono.

The members of Rooftops are Mark Detrick (Guitar), Drew Fitchette (Guitar), Jonathan McIntyre (Guitar), and Wendelin Wohlgemuth (drums). They have been involved in the NW underground scene for many years. Mark was a founding member of both Lands Farther East and Treasures. Drew and Wendolin both played with In Praise of Folly and an early version of Mt St Helens Vietnam band. Jon was a member of Snow Cuts Glass and is active as a solo artist. United, they bring a unique combinations of skills together.

Their debut full length album "A Forest Of Polarity" expands on the bands sound by adding layers of acoustic guitars, horns, strings and percussion. The resulting arrangement creating a impressive sound that synergizes post rock and math rock into something new. This new album is scheduled for US and International release on May 18th, on CD and digital via Clickpop Records and also Vinyl from Topshelf Records!

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Rooftops Discography

Rooftops Tour Dates / Shows

  • Detroit, MI
    Tuesday, Mar 23, 9pm - 21+
    The Berkley Front
    w/ The Amer­i­cas, The Sum­mer Pledge, and Devilfish
  • Cleve­land, OH
    Wednesday, Mar 24, 9pm - 21+
    The Happy Dog
    w/ The Amer­i­cas and TBA
  • New York, NY
    Thursday, Mar 25, 9:00pm - 21+
    The Delancey
    w/ The Amer­i­cas, The Cour­tesy Tier, and Ghastly City Sleep
  • Brooklyn, NY
    Friday, Mar 26, 9:00pm - 21+
    Good­bye Blue Mon­day
    Brooklyn, New york — 03/26/10 March 26th, 2010 w/ The Amer­i­cas, Anna Weng, Madame Beak , and The Suite Unraveling
  • Amherst, MA
    Saturday, Mar 27, 7 pm - 21+
    Dad City
    Topshelf Records Presents Rooftops w/The Americas, Yak Snot & Sleep Bel­lum Sonno
  • Boston, MA
    Sunday, Mar 28, 9pm - 21+
    P.A.’s Lounge
    w/The Americas
  • Philadelphia, PA
    Monday, Mar 29, 9pm - 21+
    The Fire
    w/The Americas
  • Columbus, OH
    Tuesday, Mar 30, 8pm - All Ages
    Cafe Bour­bon Street
    w/The Americas
  • Napa, CA
    Friday, Apr 2
    Slack Ranch
    w/The Americas & Goodriddler
  • Berke­ley, CA
    Saturday, Apr 3
    Cloyne Co-Op
    w/The Americas & Goodriddler
  • Santa Rosa, CA
    Sunday, Apr 4
    North Bay Film and Art Col­lec­tive
    w/The Americas & Goodriddler
  • Chico, CA
    Monday, Apr 5
    Cafe Coda
    w/The Americas, Goodrid­dler & Surrogate
  • Red­ding, CA
    Tuesday, Apr 6
    Down­town Eatery
    w/The Americas & Goodriddler
  • Seat­tle, WA
    Thursday, Apr 8
    Mars Bar
    w/The Americas and Hero Cop
  • Belling­ham, WA
    Friday, Apr 9, 8:30pm
    Jinx Art Space
    w/ The Amer­i­cas, Goodrid­dler, and Todos Somos Lee
  • Port­land, OR
    Saturday, Apr 10
    The Par­lour
    w/The Americas and Total Bros!
  • Port­land, OR
    Sunday, Apr 11, Free
    Every­day Music (Sandy Store)
  • Port­land, OR
    Sunday, Apr 11
    w/ Strange Hol­i­day (ex-Tristeza), Secret Codes & Goodriddler
  • Bellingham
    Wednesday, May 5, 10:10 pm
    w/ Four Players & Dog Shredder (tour kickoff!)