The long awaited Hakea album has been released on Clickpop's electronic offshoot - Memex Recods. Please check it out!

Hakea is a laptop live PA duo based in the thriving Seattle electronic music community.  Their music is an ambient and beat driven electronic mark thickly layered with the sounds of analog and digital synthesis, drum programming, and treated vocals. Drawing from such influences as Dykehouse, Steve Reich, Aeroc, and Matmos Matt One and Matt Zero create ambient, improvisational dreamscapes incorporating synthesisers, sequencers, and anything they can get their hands on. In 2004, Hakea performed at the inaugural Decibel Festival In Seattle, the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, various clubs, art venues and a three-mile long abandoned train tunnel. Their first full length CD will be released soon on Memex Records (the electonic imprint of Clickpop Records).

"Hakea's melodies and rhythms are uniformly smart, interesting, and imbued with unsappy emotion. At times, Hakea even recall the spacey abstractions and exploratory analog tonalities of German electronic pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler, and Klaus Schulze. This active duo is further proof that Seattle's becoming an electronic-music hotbed."
- Dave Segal, The Stranger

website: http://www.hakeahakea.com
myspace: myspace/hakeaband
Memex: http://www.memexrecords.com

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