Black Eyes & Neckties are now taking their high energy, take no prisoners style live show to the UK.  The band made their way through across the poond for a tor of England and Scotland this last Spring thanks to the fine folk at William Morris UK. Despite these success - the band is apparently going to call it a day! Before we start awaiting any future reunions though - hopefully you can come check out one of their final Pacific Northwest shows.

 "Whoever said horror rock was dead hasn't been listening to Bellingham's bloody-talented Black Eyes and Neckties. Notorious for its live shows (where 'bloodbaths' aren't necessarily out of the question)" - Missoula Independent, February 2005

"a fierce blend of loud, buzzing guitars, spooky organ lines, pummeling rhythms, gravelly, shouted vocals and horror-inspired lyrics" - Don Slack (KEXP) from "Favorite Music of 2007"


Black Eyes & Neckties Discography

  • Black Eyes & Neckties - Apparition!

    Black Eyes & Neckties


Black Eyes & Neckties Tour Dates / Shows

  • Portland OR
    Friday, Sep 18, 8pm
    Roseland Ballroom
    part of the Music Northwest Festival w/ Monotonix and Bad Brains
  • Seattle WA
    Saturday, Sep 19, w/Monotonix
  • Missoula MT
    Friday, Oct 23
    University of Montana
  • Bellingham WA
    Friday, Oct 30, 7pm
    Whaam / The Old Foundry
  • Bellingham WA
    Saturday, Oct 31, 9pm
    The Nightlight Lounge